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Mietwagen Puerto Rico

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  • Sixt Sixt
  • EuropCar EuropCar
  • Alamo Alamo
  • Avis Avis
  • Ace Ace
  • Budget Budget
  • Nu car Nu car
  • Green motion Green motion
  • Popular Auto Popular Auto
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Führende Mietwagen-Anbieter in Puerto Rico – Sixt, EuropCar, Alamo, Avis, Ace, Budget, Nu car, Green motion, Popular Auto


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Reserve a cheap car rental in Puerto Rico

Minimum car hire period: 1 day
Car rental Puerto Rico under 25: Available

Acquire freedom and flexibility by renting a car in Puerto Rico and visit its wondrous rainforests and sunny beaches in the luxury that you deserve. Find the most heavily discounted car rental deals in Puerto Rico through Hiring a car in Puerto Rico is undoubtedly the best and cheapest way to explore the country. Whether you are fantasizing about outstanding surfing waves, ideal sunbathing beach, or an intriguing golf course, Puerto Rico offers travelers an enormous range of opportunities. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States situated in the northeastern Caribbean.

Puerto Rico encompasses an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands. El Yunque is a must-see rainforest of Puerto Rico. It expands over a mountain, so if you walk uphill from the road you are in an incredible rainforest. A country with many adventurous and beautiful landscapes to offer, Puerto Rico is best enjoyed with a car rental. Book your hire car today for bigger savings! Here are the deal types our suppliers offer:

  • Short-term car rental
  • Long-term car rental
  • Weekend rental cars

Book from best car rental companies in Puerto Rico

We have tie-ups with popular car hire suppliers which present top-notch vehicle rental service in Puerto Rico at economical prices. With us, travelers can enjoy the best rental benefits and inclusions with a huge fleet of cars. Inclusions like collision damage waiver and theft waiver are some of the standard insurances that are offered by the suppliers with their rental bookings; they are part of the deal, you don’t have to pay anything extra for these. They also offer extras like GPS, child seat and WIFI device as optionals; you can rent them by paying a small daily fee.

We work with the following car hire agencies in Puerto Rico:

  • AceAce
  • AlamoAlamo
  • EnterpriseEnterprise
  • NationalNational
  • SixtSixt
  • EuropcarEuropcar

Car rental pick-up/return locations In Puerto Rico

With VIP Cars and partners, you can request a rental car at the location of your choice. Whether you want to pick the car at an airport, some city location, train station or a hotel, with us, you can choose the location of your preference. Just input the location in our search form with other asked information or call us to make a booking. We work with a big list of suppliers which cover all the major and popular car rental places in the country allowing us to offer options like one-way.

The following are the places in Puerto Rico where you can request a car rental pick-up or drop-off:

  • Aguadilla Airport

    Aguadilla Airport

  • Dorado Downtown

    Dorado Downtown

  • Ceiba Airport

    Ceiba Airport

  • Fajardo Downtown

    Fajardo Downtown

  • Ponce Downtown

    Ponce Downtown

  • Rio Grande Rio Mar

    Rio Grande Rio Mar

  • Condado Cruise Ship Area

    Condado Cruise Ship Area

  • San Juan Airport

    San Juan Airport

One-way & Cross-border car hire option from Puerto Rico

  • One-way car hire


    With us, you can pick and drop the car rental at two different locations. All you have to do is use the 'Different drop-off location?’ section on our search form; by using this option your rental car gets converted into one-way for which the suppliers charge a fee. Kindly note that by using the afore-said section the car deals that you see will be inclusive of the one-way fee.

  • Cross-border car rental


    Cross-country car hire is not offered by all the suppliers as many of them don’t allow the car to be taken on a ferry, so read the T&Cs attached with the deal and call us, we will get it confirmed from the supplier before making a booking online. Note that international one-way is also counted as cross-border, and the suppliers charge a fee for this service.

Best type of car to rent in Puerto Rico

Depending on the type of trip you are planning, the number of people you are traveling with and the duration of the trip, you can choose from a wide fleet of car categories.

  • Cheap car rentals

    For Puerto Rico you get great options on VIP Cars when it comes to cheap rentals. Compacts, sedans, economy cars and intermediate cars are some of the fuel-efficient car-types you can compare on our booking engine. They are best for city trips.

  • Van rentals

    7, 8, 9 and 15 seat vans and minivans are offered by our partners in Puerto Rico. Kia Sedona and Ford Transit are some if the 7 and 15 seat vans that you can expect to see while comparing deals on VIP Cars from Sixt, Alamo and National.

  • SUV rentals

    Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Nissan Rogue and Jeep Wrangler are some of the SUV rentals offered with our Puerto Rico hire deals. Suppliers like Sixt and Popular Auto provide both standard and sports utility SUVs for hire in Puerto Rico.

  • Luxury cars

    Our suppliers provide cheap luxury cars for renting in Puerto Rico. Mercedes C Class, Chevrolet Camaro, and Nissan Maxima are some of the most requested luxury cars in Puerto Rico. Place the booking as much in advance as possible for cheaper deals.

Driving & other useful tips for Puerto Rico


    Basic Information about roads in Puerto Rico

    Older highways are usually given a number with a single digit. Double-digit numbers are given to relatively newer highways while country roads are given triple-digit numbers, and 4-digit numbers are given to minor roads or routes. Smaller routes can be really narrow, so drive with caution.


    Parking Information

    Finding a parking is not difficult but on the whole, this can prove to be expensive in touristy areas. In case you get a parking ticket, have a word with the car rental company; if they are fine with it, you can pay it at the local bank or police station. However, make sure that you keep the receipts for the future reference.


    Speed Limits

    Follow the speed limits to avoid fines (they are the responsibility of the renter, not the supplier); speed limits in Puerto Rico is 25mph, 45mph and 55-65mph for built-up areas, country roads & highways respectively.


    Drink & Drive

    Never mix drinking & driving, and in case you are planning to have some wine with friends make sure you are not driving. The drivers with alcohol limit more than 80mg per 100 ml of blood are fined on-the-spot.

Places to see in Puerto Rico in a car rental

  • Visit the historic city of San Juan This capital city of Puerto Rico is visited by millions of tourists every year. San Juan offers a variety of attractions including historic monuments, attractive beaches, swanky restaurants, and casinos. If you wish to gamble, San Juan will be a great place to stay while vacationing on the island. The famous El Youque rainforest is located just 45 minutes away from this capital city.
  • Glide Through the Air Puerto Rico is the best place to try rappelling or zip lining. Tour agencies such as Toro Verde, Acampa Adventures, Batey, and Rocaliza are some of the best companies offering these adventurous activities in Puerto Rico.
  • Try Kiteboarding Kiteboarding is a must do activity in Puerto Rico and is a myriad of activities such as waterskiing, paragliding, and windsurfing.
  • Go Hang Gliding Learn the art of hang gliding from professional instructors and glide on aerials in Puerto Rico.
  • Explore the Outdoors Another must-do activity in the country is exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors of the country.

Hire a car in Puerto Rico to discover this Caribbean Island.

Top 5 beaches in Puerto Rico

Hire a car to drive down to Puerto Rico’s best beaches to soak up the sun, indulge in water activities or just to enjoy a picnic. The following are the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico.

  • Playa Esperanza
  • Playa de Ponce, Ponce
  • Playa Higüero, Rincon
  • Luquillo Beach, SanJuan
  • Flamenco Beach , Culebra

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you rent a car in Puerto Rico with a debit card?

    It depends on the rental company you are renting with; most of the car rental companies in Puerto Rico only accept payments through credit card. There are partners of ours, who permit payments with debit cards or even cash, but such options are offered only at selected locations.

    In case you don’t have a credit card, in majority of cases you would not be allowed to rent a car, but there is an alternative. You can use the credit card of a friend or a relative; however note that in such a case, the car rental booking will be made in the card holder’s name; you can get yourself added as the additional driver.

  • How old do you have to be to rent a car in Puerto Rico?

    To rent a car in Puerto Rico, you need to be at least 25 years old. Read the T&Cs attached with the car rental deal for current information as the age eligibility might change from time to time, and for the given supplier it can vary with change in car-types. Kindly note that all the renters under the age of 25 years are allowed to rent a car & a 'young driver’ fee is charged from them.

  • What do I need to rent a car in Puerto Rico?

    To rent a car in Puerto Rico, you will have to fulfill the age requirements (given above) & produce the following documents at the time of pick up to rent a car successfully:

    • Driver’s license: You must have a driver’s license to rent a car in Puerto Rico, and it needs to be full and valid. Temporary, Xerox copies or the digital copies of the original document are not accepted.
    • International Driver’s Permit (IDP): You must have an IDP to successfully rent a car if your driver’s license is not in English. Check the T&Cs and the rental voucher, if the supplier lists the IDP as the mandatory document, do bring it along as without it the supplier will not allow you to pick the car.
    • Credit card: Make sure you have a credit card, without it the supplier will right away refuse you the rental car. Suppliers use the credit card to block a security amount which is refunded when the car rental is returned in the condition in which it was picked. Suppliers accept all major credit cards (with Visa and Mastercard logo etc).
  • Can you drive in Puerto Rico with a US license?

    Yes, you can drive in Puerto Rico with a US license no matter whether you are from Canada, Australia, Croatia or UK. What matters is that your DL should be full and valid.

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Kompakt USD 17 /Tag
Van / Minivan USD 24 /Tag
Luxus USD 29 /Tag

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