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Cheap Car Rentals in Egypt

Enhance your Egyptian experience by booking a low-cost car rental on the go through our flexible website VIPCars.com. With an independent vehicle, you will be your own boss when planning the itinerary. Our website has a very easy procedure for booking the car of your choice, consisting of just 3 steps: searching, selecting, and booking your preferred car rental in Egypt.

You can take advantage of one-way car rentals in Egypt with VIPCars.com or give us a call to find the best deal for you. You can easily search through our vast inventory to compare and book the best of deals featuring a fleet of well-maintained cars. Apart from the best car rental deals and discounts, our rental partners offer many fee inclusions such as Collision Damage Waiver, Roadside Assistance, Theft Protection, Unlimited Mileage & Premium Location Surcharge. Our multi-currency website lets you view the offers in any currency without the headache of conversions. For any queries during the course of booking, feel free to connect to our 24/7 customer support.

Top Car Rental Companies in Egypt

The following are our main car rental suppliers in Egypt that are known for providing comfortable pickup and return services along with a great range of high-quality cars. We recommend hiring an SUV to travel in the exotic lands of Egypt or opting for a small economy car for the metropolitan areas of the cities.

  • Avis Rent a CarAvis Rent a Car
  • EuropcarEuropcar
  • Budget Car RentalBudget Car Rental
  • Sixt Rent A CarSixt Rent A Car
  • Keddy by EuropcarKeddy by Europcar

Top Car Rental Locations in Egypt

You can hire a car at an airport or in any main city of Egypt or even at prime hotels together with important locations of the country.

  • Cairo


    The Egyptian capital has one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa, Middle East as well as Arabia.

  • Cairo Airport

    Cairo Airport (CAI)

    The international airport serves as the busiest airport in Egypt.

  • Maadi


    Also known as al-Ma'adi, Maadi serves as a posh suburb district in Cairo, on the eastern banks of River Nile.

  • Giza Dreamland

    Giza Dreamland

    A guest house located near the Mall Of Egypt together with Misr University for Science and Technology.

  • Alexandria Downtown

    Alexandria Downtown

    A new location in Egypt, housing malls, markets and eateries in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.

  • Alexandria Airport

    Alexandria Airport (HBE)

    Borg El Arab Airport is the international airport serving Alexandria, located 40 km away from the city.

Popular Car Rental Categories in Egypt

  • Economy
  • Fullsize
  • Compact
  • Van/Minivan
  • SUV
  • Luxury/Premium

Driving laws and car rental tips for Egypt

Egypt drives on the right-hand side of the road and all the passengers of a car are required to wear seat-belts but such laws are not strictly obeyed in Egypt. Egypt has a bad reputation in terms of driving and is not an easy country when we talk about traffic. We advise you to be very vigilant while driving, be prepared for any animal or human to show up on the road. It won’t be a rare sight if you spot traffic lights in a non-working condition. Remember that Fridays see the least amount of traffic due to the weekly Islamic prayers. The Egyptians have developed an informal paid parking system in Egypt that consists of you giving a tip to a local to find a parking space for you.

  • Speed limit for open roads is 90 km/h while on the motorways, you have to stick to 100 km/h.

  • Gas is not expensive in Egypt but many stretches are without a petrol station.

  • Most of our suppliers do not permit cross-border car rentals from Egypt.

For renting a car in Egypt, the customer must be between 21 to 65 years of age. An International Driving Permit is also required for tourists visiting Egypt.

Essential information on Egypt, the Gift of the Nile

The Egyptian land joins Africa and Asia and is considered to be a paradise for historians with its many important sights as well as a rich culture. The highlight of the country is the pyramids and the pharaohs. Egypt houses the most incredible scenic splendors including mountains, coral reefs, ancient cities, beautiful beaches and monuments like nowhere else. These features have earned it the stature for being a complete holiday destination.

Egypt is mostly an arid land that connects to the African Sahara Desert, an exception is the Nile region where most of the population resides. Also known as the “Gift of the Nile", Egypt offers a treat for foodies in the form of local dishes, seafood, exotic fruits, etc. In terms of accommodation, you can find any type of hotel in Egypt, with Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Luxor, housing almost all the popular hotel chains. Remember to beware of the tourist scams in Egypt and try to keep well-hydrated in the hot & dry climate of Egypt.

Top Things to Do in Egypt

History buffs can be sure of gala time while discovering the civilizations in the form of artifacts that have existed here for years including Pharaohs, Romans, Greeks, Persians, etc. Choosing this cradle of civilization to be your next holiday destination is not too difficult a decision as there is a legacy worth being explored. The many reasons for visiting Egypt range right from pyramids to minarets and architectural marvels to scenic surroundings. However, make sure you have pre-booked a car rental for Egypt to further enhance your experience. Adventure seekers can book a ride to any of the sporting and recreational clubs to enjoy activities such as swimming and snorkeling. Travelers could even take part in other interesting activities such as diving, wildlife spotting, etc.

  • Giza Pyramid Complex

    • Distance from Cairo - 13.3 km
    • Time required - 24 minutes
    • Recommended Route - Al Haram
  • Great Sphinx of Giza

    • Distance from Cairo - 20 km
    • Time required - 43 minutes
    • Recommended route - Ring Road/Route 75M
  • Egyptian Museum

    • Distance from Cairo city center - 350 M
    • Time required - 1 minute
    • Recommended route - Meret Basha

Popular Road Trips in Egypt

  • If a desert road trip is in your bucket-list then Egypt is the place with options like Cairo-Bahariya, Bahariya-Farafra, Farafra-Dakhla, Dakhla-Kharga-Assiut and many more.

  • A treat for your eyes would be the stunning landscapes of the deserts, including the Black Desert, the White Desert, etc. Most of the population in Egypt lives around the Nile while the rest of the land is a vast desert expanse.

  • Driving instead of taking a package tour is a more flexible way to explore a destination as you can go only to the spots you really are interested in, spend as much time as you wish to and stop wherever you feel like.

Egypt Car Rentals - FAQs

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