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Faial 여행을 위해 이코노미, 미니밴, SUV, 럭셔리 등 원하는 차종을 선택하세요

자동차 렌트 Faial

자동차 렌트 Faial - 포르투갈-아조레스 제도
Horta is a city and only municipality located in the western portion of the Archipelago of the Azores, covering the Faial Island. Horta has the Horta Regional Museum which has an everlasting exhibit, Exhibition of Capelinhos Volcano. The museum also has a biggest assortment of scale models of buildings, ships, and people engraved from fig kernels engraved by Euclides Rosa. The marina is a main stoppage for yachts spanning the Atlantic and its walls and walkways are enclosed in paintings made by visitors. Peter's Cafe Sport has a solicitation artifacts engraved from jawbone and whale tooth and is a reference point for trans-Atlantic sailors and yachtsmen. The historical center is prevailed by the main church facades in front of the sea.

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의 저렴한 렌터카 딜 포르투갈-아조레스 제도

이코노미 USD 11.92 /일
콤팩트 USD 13.01 /일
밴 / 미니밴 USD 20.6 /일
럭셔리 USD 22.77 /일

내부 혹은 근처의 차량 대여소 Faial