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Rent a cheap car in Poland and save big with VIP Cars

Minimum rental period: 1 day
Automatic transmission car for hire in Poland: Available
One way car rental in Poland : Available

With VIP Cars, you can enjoy your holiday in Poland with a free mind by renting a car that meets your travel needs to the hilt, and at a price that you prefer. VIP Cars provides you with the best car rental for Poland as you enjoy best discounts from recognized supplier brands.

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. Ever since Poland joined the European Union, international travelers have quickly rediscovered the country's amazing cultural heritage, beautiful range of landscapes, and spectacular historic sites. There are presently 14 heritage sites enrolled on the UNESCO World Heritage list in Poland. Whether traveling with family or alone, VIP Cars presents economical car rental deals for major cities and airports in Poland.

Useful information

  • When on the road or inter-state trips, make sure that you get your car refilled before the night-fall as gas station in most of the small towns in Poland close down before 6:30 pm.
  • Though standard insurances like collision damage waiver and theft waiver are covered in the deals, they vary from supplier to supplier. It is advised that you have a word with your credit card company to know whether they cover rental cars or not.
  • Though manual cars are more prevalent in Poland, some of our suppliers do offer automatics too.
  • International driver’s permit is required by non-citizens to drive in Poland.

Our car rental partner companies in Poland

We work with a variety of rent a car companies in Poland so that a big variety of vehicles can be made available at a range of prices on our booking engine year long. They are listed as follows:

  • AlamoAlamo
  • EnterpriseEnterprise
  • EuropcarEuropcar
  • HertzHertz
  • NationalNational
  • Panek Rent A CarPanek Rent A Car
  • AbacusAbacus
  • SixtSixt
  • Express Rent a CarExpress Rent a Car
  • RentisRentis

Why rent a car in Poland?

In Poland, one of the most appealing urban destinations for tourists is Krakow. Popular areas of natural beauty and recreation include Poland's Baltic Sea coast, Bialowieza Forest, Masurian Lake District, Table Mountains, Karkonosze, and Tatras. Warsaw's historical landmarks, Gdansk’s Baltic coastline and resorts, Krakow’s medieval buildings and monuments, Szczecin's museums, old parks and longest walking street in Łódź are some of the reasons to plan a trip to Poland.

Festivals in Poland

  • Wroclaw Salsa Festival
  • Culinary Delights
  • International Chopin Festival
  • Spoof International Song Festival
  • Lajkonik Festival
  • Beethoven Festival
  • Open'er Festival
  • International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Polish Cuisine

It is mainly famous for Sausages and Bread. Traditional meals largely consist of meat and one must try dishes like bigos, Pierogi, Golabki and Kotlet Schabowy when in Poland. Ingredients like gherkins, sour cream, mushrooms, sausages, dill, caraway seeds, parsley and pepper are heavily used in Polish Cuisine.

With so much to do, see and eat, you will be glad later on that you rented a car instead of roaming about and wasting your precious time in cabs or buses! Renting a car in Poland gives you the flexibility of traveling at your own speed and as per your own schedule! Moreover, petrol charges are not that high and driving conditions are really favorable, therefore driving a rental car will definitely prove to be a great experience in Poland. Our well balanced Poland car rental deals are all inclusive of top insurances and taxes, so book now! Our pre-negotiated Poland car rental deals brought to you from renowned suppliers enable you to avail the best price online.

Popular car rental Locations in Poland

Some of the most popular car rental city pick up locations in Poland are given as under:

  • Krakow

    Krakow is one of the most popular cities in Poland. Known for keeping its ethnicity and traditions alive, this Polish city has a Bohemian atmosphere. It also has many pubs, cafes, restaurants and shopping areas to keep its visitors engaged. Nowa Huta, Dragon's Lair, Wawel Castle and Royal way are some of Krakow’s main attractions.

  • Warsaw

    As Poland’s capital, Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Poland. Warsaw Uprising Museum, Multimedial Fountain Park, Old Town, Chopin Museum and Royal Lazienki are some of its best attractions .The main highlights of Warsaw are its thriving clubbing scene and music festivals.

  • Poznan

    Poznan is a hustling and bustling Polish city at all times of the day. Poznan houses many historic sites, museums, clubs, pub and cafes in its central market square. Warung Bali, Town Hall, Citadel Park and Zoological Gardens are some of its best attractions.

  • Gdansk

    This aquatic location is extremely popular with tourists. Bestowed with good climate Gdansk consists of beautiful beaches and coastal locations. Also known for its Gothic architecture,this city’s must see attractions include Gothic Church, Royal Way, Dlugi Targ and Stocznia Gdańska. Gdansk airport is the most popular airport car-hire-pickup and drop off location in the country!

VIP Cars Poland — One-way and cross-country option

On our booking engine you can reserve rental cars with one-way option within Poland by using the 'Different drop-off location?’ section. For the service, the supplier charges a one-way fee & the fee may vary as per the type of car you are renting and the distance of the drop-off from the pickup point. Though domestic one-way is possible with all the rental agencies, cross country option needs to be confirmed with the supplier before making the booking; this service is also offered for a fee.

Popular cross-country car rentals booked with us for Poland:

  • Car rental Poland to Ukraine

    Distance: 1,206.4 km

    Route: AP-7

  • Car rental Poland to Russia

    Approx. distance: 4,961 km

    Route: Е30 and E30/M1

  • Car rental Poland to Hungary

    Approx. distance: 881.9 km

    Fastest Route: M1

  • Car rental Poland to Slovakia

    Approx. distance: 530.4 km

    Fastest Route: DK1

  • Car rental Poland to Germany

    Approx. distance: 759.9 km

    Fastest Route: A2

Rules for driving in Poland

It is advised that you should carry a first aid kit and a personal ID when driving a rental car in Poland; the rental agreement and the vehicle’s registration card should also be carried along. Here are a few driving rules followed in Poland:

  • Motorists drive on the right-hand-side of the road.
  • All the passengers need to follow seat belt laws irrespective of the fact whether they are seated in the front or the back seats.
  • Children below the age of 12 needs to be seated in the vehicle’s back seats in proper restraint systems. (You can rent child seats and booster seats at time of booking for a small fee)
  • The speed limit is 50 km/h within and 90 km/h outside the built-up areas in Poland. On Class-A road and motorways the speed limit is 100 and 130 km/h respectively.

Car Rental Poland Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to rent a car in Poland?

    In order to rent a car in Poland you need your driver’s license, credit card and an identity proof issued by an authority. Most of the car hire agencies allow the drivers which have a full and valid driver’s license with at least 1 year driving experience; temporary license or the photocopies of the license are not entertained. The credit card needs to be in the name of the renter, and the name on the card should match with the one on the driver’s license.

  • How old do you have to be to rent a car in Poland?

    Majority of our car hire partner agencies allow drivers above the age of 21 to rent cars in Poland. However, it may vary as per the supplier’s policy and the car type you are booking. For instance 21 is the minimum rental age for economy and compact cars whereas for luxury cars the minimum age is 25; we advise you to read the T&Cs given with the rental company for accurate information before making a reservation as T&Cs tend to change from time to time. Another thing to note is that the suppliers charge a young driver surcharge from the renters under the age of 25.

  • Can I drive in Poland with UK/US/Canadian driver’s license?

    Yes, you can rent and drive a car in Poland with your native driver’s license (DL). Just note one thing – If your DL is not in English, make sure that you have your international driver’s permit or an official translation with you so that the police can read & understand your information in case of unlikely events like accidents. This is really important as without it they would not be able to fill the accident form for you – it is a vital document if you want your deposit back, in full!

  • Can I rent a car in Berlin, Germany and drive to Poland?

    It can be made possible; though most of our partners don’t allow cross border travel, some do. Just give us a call and we will help you find the rental car in Germany which you will be able to take into Poland.

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