Araç Kiralama Barbados

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  • Sixt Sixt
  • EuropCar EuropCar
  • Alamo Alamo
  • Courtesy Courtesy
  • Drive a Matric Drive a Matric
  • Stoutes Car Rental Stoutes Car Rental
  • Direct Car Rentals Direct Car Rentals
  • Jones Car Rental Jones Car Rental
  • Bajan Car Rentals Bajan Car Rentals
  • Go Rent a Car Go Rent a Car
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Cheap Car Rental in Barbados

Forget about transport woes and book an affordable rental car in advance from top car rental brands in Barbados through our website, VIP Cars. Our car rentals come with add-on facilities such as child seats, GPS, etc., enabling you to travel flexibly with complete ease. With multiple pick-up spots scattered throughout the island, you can choose a rental location based on your convenience and preference.

A car rental lets you explore the location at your own pace and terms. Be it the divine beaches, the turtle cruise, or destination weddings, a rental car would be of good use on this Caribbean Island for multiple purposes. With a vehicle by your side, you can tour the island in a day but we recommend spending a few days on the island to fully absorb the beauty of this location and explore some of its popular as well as hidden gems.

Car Rental Suppliers in Barbados

  • Stoutes Car RentalStoutes Car Rental
  • AutoUnionAutoUnion
  • AvisAvis
  • EuropcarEuropcar
  • SixtSixt
  • Bajan Car RentalsBajan Car Rentals

Top Car Rental Categories in Barbados

  • Mini
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Van

About Barbados

Barbados is a small island country within the British Commonwealth & is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from all sides. This island country is a part of the North American islands, Lesser Antilles and it was named after the bearded fig trees that were incredibly common back in the days. The country became an independent nation in 1966 and houses the world’s third-oldest parliament. The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, and its Garrison, has been listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites as it is a well-preserved ancient town.

Why Rent a Car in Barbados?

Renting a car in Barbados will enable you to tour the country on your own terms without depending on a taxi, bus, or other means of transport. Adjusting to a new country’s driving rules does not require much time, and you will find it easy to adapt to Barbados’ driving rules.

Moreover, the traffic scene in Barbados is relatively smooth with well-mannered drivers. A rental car will help you discover the many unexplored destinations of the island with flexibility, allowing you to experience Barbados just as the locals do.

Car Rental Tips for Barbados

Driver’s Information

If you need the freedom to explore the country then go for a rental car. However, you must have certain documents in your possession including a full & valid driving license and a valid ID card, or passport. You are also advised to carry an International Driver’s License (IDL) and a credit card with you.

Age Requirements

Most suppliers have 21 as the minimum age requirement, while some companies rent their cars to drivers who are 23 or 25 and above of age. Underage renters may also need to pay a Young Driver Fee. Read through the supplier Rental Terms for more information on car rental age requirements in Barbados.

Driving Rules

Know that cars are driven on the left side of the road and most of the vehicles belong to a right-hand drive category in Barbados. It is important to ensure that you and your fellow passengers are wearing seatbelts. If traveling with a child below the age of 5 years, make sure that you are using a suitable car seat. You can rent one from a car rental company.

Barbados Car Rental- FAQs


İçindeki Ucuz Araç Kiralama Fırsatları Barbados

Ekonomi USD 16 /gün
Kompakt USD 19 /gün
Van / Minivan USD 24 /gün
Lüks USD 28 /gün

İçindeki Araç Kiralama Konumları Barbados