Araç Kiralama Edmonton Havaalanı (YEG)

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  • Hertz Hertz
  • Alamo Alamo
  • Thrifty Thrifty
  • National National
  • Ace Ace
  • Dollar Dollar
  • Surprice Car Rental Surprice Car Rental
  • Green motion Green motion
  • Mex Rent a Car Mex Rent a Car
  • Routes Car Rental Routes Car Rental
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Araç Kiralama Edmonton Havaalanı (YEG)

Araç Kiralama Edmonton Havaalanı (YEG), Edmonton - Kanada

Edmonton Airport is the main airport serving the Edmonton Region and its other neighboring regions of Alberta in Canada. It is known as the 5th busiest airport when it comes to passenger traffic and 10th by aircraft movements. Car rental in Edmonton Airport is the most popularly chosen form of transportation for travelers to get to the city. Edmonton Airport car rentals are convenient as you can start your trip as soon as you land at the airport without having to use the public transits with heavy luggage or taxis with high costs.

You can reserve a vehicle best suited for your trip type, where we have several options you can choose from. For budget travel choose economy or a compact car rental at Edmonton Airport, if traveling in a bigger group choose a van/minivan rental, for utmost comfort rent a luxury car, and for the open roof experience we have options in convertible car rentals as well.

Tips for Car Rental Edmonton Airport

  • The minimum age to rent a car at Edmonton Airport is 21 years. If you are any less than 25 years old, you may have to pay a young driver’s surcharge.
  • Canada drives on the right-hand side of the road. Keep in mind to check for the signposts for the speed limits.
  • Make an advance booking to avail cheaper prices and a wider fleet of car rentals at Edmonton Airport.
  • Your confirmation voucher will contain all the required information related to pick-up and drop-off address, car type, payment details, supplier information, duration, inclusions, documents required, cancellation policy info., and customer support info.
  • Documents required to rent a car at Edmond Airport: Driver’s License (DL), International Driving Permit (IDP) if your DL is not in the Latin alphabet, a credit card to pay the security deposit at the time of the pick-up, and proof of identity.
  • You can put a different drop-off location with a one-way car rental and compare prices from several suppliers through different filters.

Car Rental Desks at Edmonton Airport: Counters for rental cars are located outside the main terminal in the Parkade. You can take the Ped-Way into the Parkade from the main terminal.

FAQs - Car Rental at Edmonton Airport

  • How to book a cheap car rental at Edmonton Airport?

    Visit to book a car rental at Edmonton Airport at guaranteed cheapest prices. We are associated with top suppliers offering the best prices. Make sure to book your rental well in advance to avail discounted prices.

  • How old do I have to be to rent a car at Edmonton Airport (YEG)?

    The minimum age to rent a car at Edmonton Airport is 21 years. Renters below 25 years may be required to pay a young driver’s surcharge and the availability of high-end luxury cars may also be subjective to suppliers for people under 25.

  • Where can I find the Edmonton Airport car rental return location?

    To return the car rental at Edmonton Airport, as you approach the airport, follow the signs indicating the car rental return area. Counters for rental cars are located outside the main terminal in the Parkade. Park your car rental at the parking area and return the car keys and completed agreement to the associate of the supplier. For after-hour car rental return at Edmonton Airport, after parking the car you can put the agreement and keys in the Drop-Box.

  • Which is the best type of car rental to book at Edmonton Airport (YEG)?

    Economy car rentals are a popularly chosen car rental type at Edmonton Airport. If you are carrying heavy equipment and looking for more boot space SUV rentals are an ideal choice and if traveling in a bigger group rent a van/minivan. Visit to compare prices from the widest fleet of rentals.


İçindeki Ucuz Araç Kiralama Fırsatları Kanada

Ekonomi USD 11.12 /gün
Kompakt USD 14.08 /gün
Van / Minivan USD 17.05 /gün
Lüks USD 20.75 /gün

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