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Araç Kiralama Yeni Kaledonya

Araç Kiralama Yeni Kaledonya
A special collectivity of France situated in the southwest Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia comprises of the Isle of Pines, the Main Island of Grand Terre, the archipelago of Loyalty Islands, and many small-size, meagerly populated islands and atolls. New Caledonia offers mountaintop fondue in chalets, beaches, hiking, camping, excellent French food, and astonishing snorkeling and diving. VIP Cars have tie-ups with popular suppliers and provide best rental deals in New Caledonia at cheapest prices. Whether on a business trip or leisure tour, we offer a diverse fleet of cars.

New Caledonia is bounded by the world's major enclosed lagoon, where marine resources of all shapes and sizes lie waiting to be observed. Dolphin and whale spotting are other enchants in store or merely the luxury of total relaxation, on the delicate and warm sand of deserted isle.
Contact our 24/7 customer support team to book your car rental deal for New Caledonia.

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Ekonomi USD 13.14 /gün
Kompakt USD 14.23 /gün
Van / Minivan USD 19.71 /gün
Lüks USD 22.99 /gün

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