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Rent a Car in Tashkent Downtown

Secure the best car rental deals for Tashkent with VIP Cars and get the chance to discover this cultural capital in your own time. Whether a business or leisure traveler, we offer a vast category of vehicles that are sure to fit your travel style. On our website, you can find multiple car rental deals that cater to your plans, the most popular of them being short-term, long-term, and last-minute rentals.

The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is a stunning mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. You can visit the Timur Museum to explore the weapons, manuscripts, and other antiquities from the Timurid dynasty. The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan houses centuries-old Buddhist artifacts is a must-visit if you are someone interested in history. Navoi Opera Theater, Teleshayakh Mosque, and Barak-Khan Madrassah are some of the other places of interest in Downtown Tashkent that one can visit in a rental car.

Popular Car Rental Companies

While looking for cheap car rental deals for Downtown Tashkent, with VIP Cars you are sure to find a deal that fits your budget and needs. Hertz is one of the major suppliers offering low-cost deals in this specific location.

Top Rental Car Categories in Downtown Tashkent

Be it a short trip or an extended vacation, travelers can find the rental as per their itinerary on our platform. Ranging from roomy sedans to vans with seating up to 15 passengers, we have rentals available for all your requirements. Here is the list of popular car types available in Downtown Tashkent:

  •  SUVs
  • Economy
  • Van/Minivan
  • Luxury
  • Convertible

Explore the Cultural Capital of Uzbekistan in a Rental Car

There are numerous places of interest in Tashkent that the traveler can explore in a leisurely way with a rental car. Here are some of our top picks of the city’s attractions:

  • Ensemble Hazrati Imam
  • Chorsu Bazaar
  • Teleshayakh Mosque
  • Mustakillik Square
  • Alisher Navoi National Park

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