Terms & Conditions

VIP Cars Affiliate Program is partnered & owned by VIPCars.com, a car rental broker providing rental booking services in association with over 500 car rental suppliers across the globe.

Given below are the TERMS & CONDITIONS governing your use of VIP Cars Affiliate Program, it services, the website and other products of the affiliate program, when and if you join as a member.

If you, the affiliate partner, do not accept or agree with the terms of use and conditional clauses as given here, you have the right to terminate the partnership or not enter into any such affiliate partnership with VIP Cars.

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the booking engine related data, other VIP Cars booking engine intellectual data and rights as and when shared with you as well your access to the products/services of VIP Cars Affiliate Program on your platform.

Use of Tools & Resources Shared

VIP Cars, proprietor of the VIP Cars Affiliate Program, would be providing you all the support and a data required for a flawless affiliate partnership with you including but not limited to the logo, code to other tools and services. You must not share the same to a third party without permission, you must also not use the same for other website platforms not shared with VIP Cars and you must not duplicate the data and codes for any other purposes apart from your use of the same for an affiliate partnership with vipcars.com as per the affiliate partnership program of vipcars.com.

At any time, if found to be misusing the tools or resources as shared by VIPCars.com, in regards to your affiliate partnership program, we are liable to immediately terminate your rights, access and contract including payouts or commissions if any.

At any point, when the contract is being terminated mutually or by affiliate’s end, you the affiliate must return the shared data and other tools and resources as provided by VIPCars.com. You are also under obligations to not use the same out of your contract limit with VIPCars Affiliate program.

Booking Engine Use Conditions

The Booking Engine code and design shared with you for affiliate marketing program, as created and controlled by VIP Cars, is its intellectual property and should in no way be copied, misused, shared or plagiarized. For use of the same other than the purpose of affiliate marketing, you must seek approval from VIPCars.com.

VIPCars.com holds the right to object and govern the theme, the presentation and the platform being used by the affiliate or use of the booking engine, to ensure better traffic.

Payout Conditions

Payout will be made on request of the Affiliate or if the commission amount reaches the standard benchmark of EUR 200 or equivalent for all completed rentals. Payout can be made for amount less than EUR 200 on special request of Affiliate. In this case, you, the affiliate, has to bear the bank charges imposed (30 GBP or equivalent)

Payout will be made via bank transfer or Paypal depending on the preference of Affiliate Commissions will be rolled out in first week of next month from the date of payout request. In case Affiliate needs urgent disbursal, payout will be made within 7 days from the date of request. For every payout, Affiliate has to share bank or Paypal details in request email.

Affiliate Sign-up Request & Approval

VIP Cars’ Affiliate Partnership is free of cost but the Affiliate Sign-Up is on approval basis and VIP Cars holds the right to approve a request at its end. The review and approval for partnership sign-up could take up to 48 hours.

Affiliate Partnership Termination

From the use of the affiliate code, the design to the commissions/payouts, you, the affiliate partner, are bounded to respect the rights and use and distribution clause And failure of any kind while following the terms, as stated, would lead to immediate termination of the contract between VIP Cars and you.

Your inability to follow the contract gives us the right to access your partnership status, further leading to restrictions, warnings, or termination of the partnership.

Affiliate’s Partnership Rights

You, the affiliate, hold the right to discontinue or leave the contract between you and VIP Cars in regard to affiliate marketing, entered by you as a member, at any given point in time. If at any point in time you disagree with the clauses or the conditions or product service of VIPCars.com, you are free to end the contract. Such discontinuation would be mutually handled to respect affiliate interest.

Approval Conditions

All complaints and disagreements in regard to the affiliate marketing services must be brought to the notice of your affiliate manager with VIPCars.com, at [email protected].