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Cheap Car Rentals Namibia

Minimum age to rent a car in Namibia: 21 years
One way car rental in Namibia: Available

With VIPCars you can plan your tryst with nature in Namibia or its cities like the Windhoek region by renting a car through agencies like Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, Thrifty, and Budget. As Namibia is best known for camping and off-road adventures, we offer you some of the best quality 4x4s, SUVs, and sedans, which will make sure that your holiday is nothing but memorable. VIPCars scans the market to compare between the best possible deals available online so that you get nothing but the best in Namibia! And to cover a variety of needs of travelers from all walks of life, we have partnered with numerous suppliers in Namibia which helps us in meeting the demand through a vast variety of car models and heavily discounted deals. They also help us in providing a big network of car rental pickup and drop-off locations in Namibia.

Why Rent a Car in Namibia is a good choice?

  • Located in South Africa, Namibia is a country bestowed with natural beauty, implausible wildlife and is home to natural attractions such as the Fish Canyon Park, Namib Desert, Kalahari Desert, and Etosha National Park.
  • Most of these must-visit places are located far apart from each other, which calls for a way to travel to these locations with comfort and budget intact. And car rental, which is far better than options like buses and cabs, is indeed the best way to draw in the countryside, & locations which are full of adventurous deserts and mountains.

Car rental companies we work with in Namibia

The below-mentioned are the car rental companies with which we work in Namibia. These companies are international brands which help us in providing a big fleet of cars and wide rental pick-up/drop-off network.

  • HertzHertz
  • EuropcarEuropcar
  • AlamoAlamo
  • ThriftyThrifty
  • BudgetBudget

So, no matter, whether you are looking to pick your family car, economy or your SUV in Windhoek, Rundu, Walvis Bay or Swakopmund, with us you can request the pickup and drop-off at any of the locations our suppliers cover.

What type of car should I rent in Namibia?

'Which is the best car for road trip in Namibia?’!! In this section we try to answer this question!

When only city attractions are on the list

  • Since road conditions in Namibia are good if not better, if you are planning to stick to the cities and their attractions, you can rent any regular car type from economy to compact, standard and sedan, depending on the passengers and the luggage space requirements.

  • These afore-mentioned car types will do, even if you are planning road trip from 1 city to the other, travel on the national highways and off-roading adventures are not the part of your trip, then you can rent almost any rental car which suits your budget and space needs.

When covering natural attractions in Namibia

  • Rent an SUV if you are going to cover National Parks and other Wildlife areas in Namibia. In these case, you will be mostly traveling on good roads, so renting a SUV is a great choice.

  • However, we must add that when visiting the national parks and the safaris, it is usually advised to rent a 4x4. Not only it is great when it comes to safety, its double tyres make driving in rainy days easy, and provide firm hold on the dirt roads. In national parks, you will find various shallow seasonal rivers that you can easily cross in a 4x4.

  • Also, a 4x4 allows you to carry enough equipment that you will need for camping. You will need to keep a check on the tire pressure; whenever you are refueling, make sure that you get it checked; if your vehicle has a compressor, the better, as it provides you the option to access more remote areas.

A Bit about Namibia’s Capital City - Windhoek

As the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek is a modern city of contrasts. Surrounded by mountains and valleys, this city has a lot of wild life safari spots distributed throughout it. The city center of Windhoek is lined with German style buildings and other historic buildings such as Alte Feste, Tintenplast and Christuskirche. The nightlife of Windhoek which is concentrated in the city center, township and suburb areas is definitely worth experiencing due to the various pubs, bars and clubs located throughout it.

Best cities in Namibia







Walvis Bay


VIP Cars Namibia – Rental tips, Driving Tips & Other Useful Information

Type of roads in Namibia and the tips to drive on dirt roads

  • National Highways

    These roads are very easy to distinguish in Namibia. If covering a big stretch of land by car is your aim, since you will most probably using a national road, read on for the basic idea. On these highways, look out for animals and since adverse winds are common, when you are not sure, do slow down.

    • B1 is a very important highway, 1694 km long, it runs from the center of the country from Noordoewer on South African border to Oshikango on Angolan border
    • Ulu Cami - the Grand Mosque of Bursa that has some of the world’s greatest Islamic calligraphy.
    • 285 km long, the highway B2 runs east-west from Walvis Bay to the country's capital Windhoek.
    • B3 is a 324 km long highway which starts from Nakop from the South African border through ǁKaras Region to Grünau where it connects with B1. It continues as N10 as it moves towards Upington.
    • B4 is a 351km long national highway which starts from Lüderitz and moves south-west to meet Keetmanshoop.
    • Located in east-central Namibia, B6 is 335 km long highway which originated in Windhoek and continues till Buitepos in Botswana border
    • Known as Golden Highway, B8 is a major highway which starts from B1 at Otavi and continues till Katima Mulilo and Ngoma at Botswanan border.
  • Secondary and Dirt Roads

    • The secondary roads in Namibia are signed with a C and D prefixes they are usually untarred. It is obvious that at one point or another, you will have to brave one of the dirt roads as they comprise of 36000 km of roads in Namibia. Though some might have loose gravel which makes it difficult to travel, others usually are graded and good enough to drive with low chances of slipping and all.
    • If you are going to travel on such sort roads for the first time, make sure you know how your vehicle reacts on such a road. Start off slowly and never increase or decrease your car speed by big measures when turning the car at the corners. Keep an eye on the tyre pressure, and make regular checks.

Driving and Rental Tips for Travellers Visiting Namibia

  • Driving lane, Seatbelts and Documents to carry

    Always drive on the left side of the road – even if it is a deserted road; all passengers should wear seatbelts and the driver(s) must carry their driver’s licenses and rental documents while driving.

  • Other Safety Measure

    Always travel with a basic first-aid kit. Never leave the protection of your car when visiting the wildlife areas. Make sure that you don’t stop for a hitchhiker even if you feel like helping; report the person on the next town. Always park your car in the well-lit and busy area of the town or city you are visiting.

  • Cell phone Coverage and Speeding

    In Namibia, Cell phone reception is an issue, so check with your service provider's whether there will be service or not in the area where you are heading. On should not speed in Namibia and there are heavy penalties if the law is not followed; speed limits are given as under:

    • Urban areas: 60 km/h

    • Tarmac freeway: 120 km/h

    • Non-Tarmac freeway: 100 km/h

  • Get your Vehicle Checked regularly

    Make it a point that your car is checked for breaks and tyre-pressure regularly whenever you stop for refueling, and also make sure that you always have spare 2 tyres with you when on the road, and learn how to change a deflated tyre if traveling alone.

  • Traveling at night and keep an eye out for animals

    Avoid traveling at night and look out for animals because no matter whether you are traveling on a national highway or a dirt roads, you are bound to encounter animals in Namibia.

  • Map, GPS and Petrol for emergency situations

    Do buy a new updated map of Namibia if you don’t have a GPS. This way you will know which roads to take, and when to expect a petrol station. Since petrol stations can be far apart, for the emergency times do carry petrol in a bottle or a can.

  • How to pay at a Petrol Station?

    Also note that most of the petrol stations don’t allow credit cards. In big cities, this can be easily dealt with because many of these petrol stations have ATMs where you can withdraw cash for the payment. For remote areas make sure you have enough cash to cover such scenarios.

  • Cross Country Travel

    If you are planning to cross the country in your rental car, make sure that you discuss this with your car rental company. If they allow you to cross borders, they will provide you with an authorization letter which usually covers the chassis number and the reservation number of the vehicle that you have rented.

Major Cities in Namibia and their Must-visit attractions


Windhoek has a number of remarkable buildings like the Christuskirche, the castle-like Heinitzburg Hotel, and the train station.


Luderitz is a colonial-era town with typical German Imperial and Art Nouveau styles, famous for its attractions like, Sperrgebiet, Shark Island and Felsenkirche.

Other must visit tourist attractions in Namibia include

Kolmanskop Ghost Town in nimbi Desert, Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund and Cape Cross. Get your car rental in Namibia now and make the most of your vacation!

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Tanie oferty wynajmu samochodów Namibia

Ekonomiczne USD 15 /dzień
Kompaktowe USD 19 /dzień
Van / Minivan USD 23 /dzień
Luksusowe / Premium USD 30 /dzień

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