Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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In the prevailing situation where COVID-19 is affecting your decisions to travel, VIP Cars is here to guide you with the best possible updates on sanitization measures from suppliers as well as free cancellation and modification of existing bookings. Get details on how renting a car is safer than public transportation, how you can get a full refund on cancelled insurance and access advisory links on travel corridors open across the world.

Already booked a rental car with us?

For the existing car rental bookings, ensures absolute support to renters going through worries about possible travel changes.

What we give you on your rental bookings:

Easy Modification

Irrespective of the reason for your change in travel plans, from destination to date, we let you make easy and quick changes in your rental booking through our swift and responsive support team available on call, live chat, e-mail and WhatsApp. You could also make the modifications on your rental date or pick time or destination by accessing the Mange Booking section on our website or mobile app, on your own.

Though rental changes are free of cost, any change might or might not affect the rental booking charges, depending upon the modifications and the availability of same rental vehicle and supplier.

Free Cancellation

The uncertainties looming over travel plans and frequent changes in travel advisories from government could lead to change in plans, including cancelling the trip. We, at, understand and which is why we are here to help.

If your travel is affected by sudden travel restrictions and new advisories or even if the reason to drop the plan is personal or health based, we ensure you get the advantage of cancelling your rental booking free of any charge or fee.

  • All bookings can be cancelled for FREE prior to 48 hours of the pick-up time.
  • Instead of cancellation, you could always go for free of charge rental postpone by pushing forward the pickup date.

URGENT NOTE: FREE CANCELLATION gets void if the cancellation is not done 48 hours before pick up time.

Bought Insurance?

If you have already bought insurance and now find yourself cancelling the rental booking due to government advisories or travel restrictions, do not worry! You can always cancel your insurance and get a full refund on it. Insurance cancellation is free and comes with a full premium refund when it's done before the rental starts.

Are you thinking about renting a car?

We understand that with everything going around the world, renting or booking a car might sound concerning and leave you flipping a coin on your decision, to go for it or not.

Here’s what will help you make up your mind:

  • Car rental bookings comes with free cancellations.
  • Car Hire companies are following all safety measures to protect their customers.
  • Sanitized and self driven cars are far safer and secure than a cab or public transport.
Renting a car

What measures are car hire companies taking to ensure customer safety from COVID contagion?

  • All the cars made available for hiring undergo deep cleaning and sanitization.
  • All high-touch areas in the rental offices like counters, desktops or surfaces in the washrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Suppliers are using contactless technology to automate the process of payment and check-ins in branches where ever possible.
  • Most car hire agencies have lowered one-way rates and in some areas have even waived young driver fees.
  • The staff in the rental stations is kept to the minimum and the customers visiting the rental offices (or waiting for their turn outside) are encouraged to follow social distancing norms.
  • Hand sanitizers & masks are provided by the suppliers to the customers visiting the rental counters.

Which areas of the rental vehicle are given importance while cleaning?

In addition to the exterior of the car, the following high-touch surfaces of car’s interior are cleaned thoroughly during the process of sanitization:

  • Key/Key fob

  • Steering wheel

  • Seat belts/Seat surfaces

  • Door interior, pockets & handles

  • Accessory panel/touchscreen

  • Rearview & side mirrors

  • Dashboard

  • Gear shift

What is the current car rental pick-up process?

  • In certain cases, customers may be supposed to send their health check declarations prior to the pickup of the rental car through email.
  • Not more than 2 customers at a time are permitted into the rental offices.
  • On arrival, the temperature of the patient may be checked using no-contact equipment as per the directions by the local legislation.
  • Car hire agencies are encouraging the customers to provide the scan copies of their driver’s licenses and photographs & do online check-ins to avoid long queues at the rental offices.
  • Keeping in mind the importance of social distancing, many car hire agencies are offering curbside rentals as in that case the customers don’t have to enter the car hire locations & can be directly on their way.
  • For selective locations, the suppliers are also offering pickup and delivery services for people who don't want to visit a rental location.

Airport Car Rental Pick-Up Info

All major airports are open for car rental pick-up and, as per the strict social distancing and safety protocols, are using minimum contact, safe distancing, santisised receptions and quick pick-up for short human interactions.

In places where the airport locations are not open, our customer support team will help you find a nearby location where you will be able to pick the car.

Tips & Recommendations - whether you have booked or are yet to book

  • It is crucial that you get in touch with us as early as possible for any changes or cancellation
  • Make sure you check with the supplier one day before pick to ensure there hasn’t been any changes from their end
  • Carry all your documents
  • Keep tabs on the news regarding the area where your pickup is scheduled
Tips & Recommendations

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We have covered the gist of all the necessary information related to COVID that has been provided by our car hire partners, if you want more details here is a list of helpful links:

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