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Excellent service

Ayala Liraz

Excellent service. I'm a personal assistant in a big a high-tech company and my boss is very demanding with high expectation. The sales guy who helped me just made the process easy, simple and fun.and of course answered the questions that we will use this service again.
Ayala, amdocs company


Adalsteinn Hjartarson

They helped out quickly and without any problems.

First of all thanks alot so much

Cem Ozbag

First of all thanks alot so much.
knowledge perfect
they managed mail traffic so perfect.
Call center helpest also perfect too.
Thankse for everything.

Great Service

B Mcglone

Great Service
The price of the car was cheaper than other car rental companies. The transaction was really easy. I also had an issue and I contacted the live chat service & the person I spoke to resolved my issue really quickly.

Very good

Saeed Alasmari

Very good and nice and exlant service i thank you all

I had a great experiance with the live …

Oscar Kurten

I had a great experiance with the live chat. Joseph Morgan went out of his way to help me get the best deal possible and was super polite while doing so. I would decently recommend using VIPcars online chat services.



Succesful. Very kind.



Great deal

thank you

مساء الخير يا صديقي

Adel Alharbi

مساء الخير يا صديقي
الحقيقة انني وجدت تعامل راقي وخاصة انني لا اتحدث الانجليزية كان تعامل الموظف جدا جميل وراقي وفِي قمة السعادة وهو يقوم بخدمتي وسعى بكل امكانياته لتلبية رغبتي
لذا أقيم تعاملكم خمسه نجوم وانتم تستحقون بكل امانه وشفافية شكرا للموظف المختص وشكرا لكم علي شركتكم
عادل الحربي


Ehab Youssef

excellent. thank you for the assistance.

Fast and efficient


All emails and chats were very efficient. Was able to communicate quickly and all queries were dealt with easily. Will definitely use VIP Cars again.

I dealt with a man named Joseph


I dealt with a man named Joseph. Joseph was very helpful and if had not been for him I would not have thought of driving to Indianapolis from Chicago to pick up the car I required. Let's hope it all goes smoothly when I arrive.
Peter Dickson
Norfolk. UK.

we are arriving late

Tammy Chan

we are arriving late. They confirmed they will wait until we pickup the car. Appreciate it. Big thanks to you!!


Good to deal with

Armelle B.

Good price, convenient web-site and efficient over the phone.

While surfing the internet I came across the site

Dhr. Devanand

While surfing the internet I came across the site.
I responded and within five minutes I was already called.
Very friendly customer and especially cooperative.
The prices are very attractive.
Further processing was through the mail.
Also the mail comments were very fast.
It is highly recommended.
Until now every thing is excellent.
I hope that getting the car and the car itself is also just as good as what I've experienced so far.

Easy way to book


It was easy. I've had 2 calls from the company.


Beata Kolano

I would recommend to everybody.

Excellent online reservation experience

Abdulrahman Alhulaybi

I travel to Europe a lot ,but this my first online reservation for a car.
Reasonable price,perfect call center,direct responde by email.
Until now every thing is excellent,waiting my experience to your car hope to be as perfect as the online reservation.

great price

Mahender Samtani

great price
good option to cancel 24hrs prior
nil excess

Minor problem with paying on line but end result was excellent.

Robert Parker

The process for entering details of my proposed trip was very easy to follow. However, when I got to the payment page I was informed there was a problem accepting the card and suggested an alternative cards. I entered another cards details but the same problem arose. Having given up on VIP cars I was making further enquiries through another company when my phone rang and it was an operator from VIP cars. As I actually wanted to make two seperate bookings over three weeks with a one week break in between and with different pick up and drop off points, the operator said she would make enquiries which she did and phoned me back fairly quickly. Unlike some other companies VIP Cars take a small deposit on booking but the end price saving is well worth it. The price was excellent, the operator was friendly and very helpful and I couln't fault the service she gave me. Very happy and would definately use VIP Cars again.

Excellent services and prices


Excellent services and prices. I wouldn't want to go to others if you keep this level of services.

Customer service support was very good

Bilal Mehmood

Customer service support was very good. They explained in detail all the charges included in the rental. Modifications in booking is very easy and website is very helpful in this regard.

I searched for a lot of time on the …

Guy Wexler

I searched for a lot of time on the internet car rental company in America and the company that was the cheapest is VIP car company. Even though I changed dates they immediately replaced my voucher and their service is fast and amazing.

In the past and recently I used VIP Cars Service…

Daniel Hoshea

In the past and recently I used VIP Cars services for booking rental cars. I want to mention that I always got excellent and very friendly service. I can 100% recommand VIP Cars Service.
Many regards,
Daniel Hoshea, Elazar/Israel

I booked a car for my upcoming trip to Athens in July 2017

Elie Abi Samra

I booked a car for my upcoming trip to Athens through VIPCARS who is a third party agent. I then received an email informing me that this is not a reservation and after checking with the car agency if the car is available I would receive an email with the car voucher to present upon arrival and collect the car. Minimal payment was made through credit card and the rest of the payment upon receiving thre car...I contacted VIP cars the following day through the online chat box and the lady was extremely positive and helpful...she advised me that the car I requested is not available and proposed another car of the same specification through another car rental company...although the price was more expensive than the initial quote approx EU 1450 new quote comparing with EU 1150 initial quote I was happy to confirm the car as it's still slightly below market price...I was advised about the car pick up arrangement and the lady went out of her way and called the car agency to confirm the car availability and that the car is not more than 2 years old. Her confirmation about the car being fairly new made me feel so much better as I have heard many stories about people receiving old tired cars... I received my car voucher confirmation immediately after the chat was over which was great.I look forward to my car rental experience in far the VIP CARS services and booking is extremely good and I would certainly recommend them. Hopefully the car company Gold Car would fulfill the request...

Easy transaction

Little Jerry

Print your voucher and present at the desk, Pretty easy transaction, Love it

Excellent Service from Roy

Dennis Young

Roy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the VIP products. I only wish I could type as fast as Roy when chatting online. Through his efforts VIP got a great Car Rental deal in place and I couldn't be happier. Roy is no doubt a credit to VIP Support and should be congratulated for his efforts. My daughter Narelle recently booked 2 cars for her family through VIP for her upcoming USA trip and was so happy she referred me to you guys. Roy got me the best deal and I will definitely be booking my future Rental Cars through VIP.

thank you roy

Asi Asher

hi, i started to order a car online but dident finish and then a very nice and helpfull gentelmen by the name roy called me and helped me order a car. i wanted to say thank you very much

Professional online help

Ahmad Omar

Website was helpful and more helpful was Roy the online agent who professionally helped me and guided me to finalize my booking.

Best prices

Ammar Al Dhahli

Best prices, Very safe, Quick confirmation, Excellent Customer services, fast response using Chatting. I strongly recommed this website.

Working on behalf of my clients

B, Biggs

Working on behalf of my clients, I was very pleased to get in touch with Roy Chan from VIP cars. His on the ball service, has been amazing, working well with the different time zones, and urgency that my clients had to book their very specific car.

Roy has gone out of his way to make it an easy experience for me, and been great to work with.

Thanks so much!



The service we received was helpful, attentive, efficient and very personalized. We recommend VIP Cars at JFK Airport.

Great service

Zvi Pincus

Great price, no problems at picking car, fast service from Alamo rental, good car, What more can you ask for

I had such a bad experience from the …

Simran Pillay

I had such a bad experience from the company VIP sent me to, I was contacted by a William from VIP, who reversed their fee and made sure all was well. I will definitely book through them in the future. This shows what brilliant customer service VIP has!

Making reservations was easy

Alexander Kuleshov

Making reservations was easy. Free cancellations is a big plus because of that I could get a better deal on the same web site

No problems

David Maxxx

No problems. Picked up the car on time.

Great price

David Said

Great price, service and everything went smooth as silk!



Andras Konrad

Friendly, fast, good prices. Anytime again.

Good reliable service

Manish Kisani

Good reliable service. It was a complete hassle free experience. Got what I paid for and no unwanted surprises.

None Better

Kevin Scorah

I always shop around for the best car hire deals, and VIP Cars consistently beat all of the other online car rental brokers. When comparing prices between 4 or 5 online brokers, VIP cars can have much lower rates on the exact same cars offered by other online sites. They are my Number 1 stop whenever I need car hire in the UK and USA.

Great experience and highly recommend

James Cose

I PCS from Korea to Hawaii and tried VIPCARS and it turned out to be a great experience. Not only where they the cheapiest on the web but I had to cancel initial reservation and they were very helpful. I am now getting ready to retire and will use their service again. I shared my experience with co-workers and to others. I highly recommend their service to all.

Awesome service, best price

Ofer HaCohen

I booked a car for our family trip through After looking all around for the best deal, I found it at vipcars - got the best price and it was all done with awesome service.
Thanks you!


In LA from Ireland

efficient, great, car was as promised, great rate. No complaints and no waiting around

Low prices

Travel family

We got much cheaper deals through VIP cars than any other online site we've looked at. No problems with booking, and cancellation up to the day before rental date.

Nice experience


I booked with Vipcars in my last trip to USA and had a good deals comparing to others.
I will rent with them again


Mark Roberts

Great price.


Gavin Schirmer

Good services!

problem free and reliable

Marcin N.

we arrived at alamo, picked up the car, drove all around Florida and returned it a week after. Everything went very smoothly. Highway tolls were charged a few days later on my credit card.

Great service great price

Lazaros Konstantinidis

From the reservation till pic up the car everything is in one hand excellent service on the Car rental complications with anything the car was great and the price better...

Alamo Rental Car in Miami Beach

Thomas H.

Great service, friendly and helpful. We didn't have any problems while renting the car. We would rent a car at Alamo again.

Very efficient

Gil Amzalag

First time I got the car without having a desk service. Everything was automatic thru a machine, it was fast and smooth.
The registration was clear and includded all insurances.



Borut jenko

Good Service

Keith Dunsdon

Excellent service, easy to use.

Just awesome!

Ian Archbold

From the moment I arrived to pick up my car (V8 Mustang) I was in heaven, great service, really helpful and very simple!

I'm glad to rent my car with VIP CARS


I'm glad to rent my car with VIP CARS.
i pick up my car on las vegas and drop it in los angeles. there are free shuttle to take me to the airport.
just one point : i had additionnal fee with this rent 2 weeks after drop my car

excellent car hire


Hiring of the car was done on line,the rate received was the best i could find, pick up of the vehicle was done with no problems, i would certainly use this company again.

Excellent service.


Booked online for a price much cheaper than local travel agent. Arrived at LAX to collect car and everything went as planned. Even got a complimentary car upgrade.

Great service


First time booking through VIPCARS and it was great, got a good deal and also a better car than the one requested. I had some questions con my bill and their support desk was always nice and helpful. I definitely recommend it.

Got a great deal


Would totally rent again. Got a great deal without even asking...

No problems at all.

Tomaz Nagode

Generally speaking, I valuate my experiences on my further necessary involvement servicing of your service. More I need to do later on, worse is my experience.
In your case, there was no later of my services needed at all.

Thank you for that.

Good Rental Company

Bartosz Wieclawik

Everything works fine. No Troubles, no cheating. You get what you booked.

Great deal for a 2 week rental in Los Angeles over Xmas 2016

C CHRISTOFI - Australia

Booked online with VIP and within a short time I actually recieved a phone call to assure me of their best attention at all times.

Basically booked through VIP an Alamo LAX pick up and drop off at far better rates than any other car rental site, even better than direct.

Paid a small holding deposit and then the balance direct to Alamo on pick up.

The booking was seamless and no hassle through VIP and saved a lot of looking around through other web based portals for the best deal, VIP was the best deal that I could find.

Definately will use this service again when I next book a vehicle anywhere in the world...


Ali Alqaseer

Professional, reliable and best price.

Great Company

G Thomas

Easy to see the price and extras that are included. Only complaint is, it quotes the deposit in local currency but is taken out as Euros so price is a bit higher. I would recommend to friends and Family.



New car, very cheap and we were able to choose our car.

Very fast in service.

Very good customer care service


I have been renting cars from VIP cars for a few years, and I never had any problem; cars were always available at selected locations without any inconvenience.
A couple times that there were some small website/server problems which did not allow me to complete the reservation, I promptly received either an email or a call from the customer care service to clarify the problem and quickly complete the reservation.

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